About Us

The Alexandria/Arlington Regional Workforce Council serves as the local Workforce Development Board under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  We are a proud partner of Virginia Career Works and Go Virginia.

The Council is comprised of individuals representing business, economic development, housing and urban development, vocational rehabilitation, organized labor, and community-based organizations. Members of the Council are appointed by the Mayor of Alexandria City and the Arlington County Board Chair.

The Council provides oversight over WIOA services at the region’s two American Job Centers, the Alexandria Workforce Development Center and the Arlington Employment Center.  These services include financial support for college tuition and vocational certifications, subsidies for transportation, books and fees while in school, and uniforms for employment.

To be considered for eligibility for these services, visit the Alexandria Workforce Development Center (for Alexandria City residents) and the Arlington Employment Center (for Arlington County residents). 

Mission & Goals

We help drive equitable economic growth in Alexandria and Arlington County by implementing an effective, efficient, and inclusive workforce ecosystem that delivers equal access to innovative, integrated, data-driven products and services designed and aligned to meet the needs of businesses and all job seekers. We hold ourselves accountable to the system’s goals and support high-impact outcomes.

Goal 1: Build Better Employer Relationships. Build better relationships so that we can deliver value to customers by filling in-demand jobs that are strategic to our diverse economy.

Goal 2: Skill People Up!  Develop a proactive, confident, and qualified workforce with the essential workforce readiness competencies and credentials that meet current and anticipated business needs.

Goal 3: Connect People to Jobs.  Connect people to job opportunities that pay a living wage with benefits and that provide equitable opportunities for launching sustainable career pathways for work that is in demand.

Goal 4: Ensure We Are Accessible to Everyone.  Increase equitable access to the local workforce system and its services through collaborative partnerships and coordinated, innovative solutions.

Goal 5: Better Promote What We Do.  Promote the workforce system and its services through focused communication with employers, schools, and potential employees to meet the needs of all.


All Requests for Proposals/Awards can be found on https://eva.virginia.gov/.